History of Viet Nam center

2010.12 AS9100-certified

2013.09 AS9100-certified (maintenance and development)

2014.07 Development of 3 types of actuators and starting generator for unmanned airplane of Korea Airline

2015.04 Development of generator for the unmanned airplanes of corps level of the next generation

2017.03 Development of localization technology of components for civil helicopters linked with the small military helicopter (Korea Evaluation Institute of Industrial Technology)

2017.01 Development of KFX-RBBA, won orders for products from the Korea Aerospace Industries

2017.07 Agreement on compromise trade of M/B KFFX and development of MRO (elected hidden champion in the defense industry)

2018.10 Development of WABCO motor and BLDC motor

2019.09 Agreement on development of 3 types of products with the Defense Agency for Technology and Quality: DC starting generator for LAH, starting generator adjustment system, and converter

2008.09 Defense Quality Management System (DQMS)-certified

2003.11 Moved the company to (Sangcheon-ri) 19, Gongam-gil, Samnam-myeon, Ulju-gun, Ulsan

2002.08 Certified as Clean Place of Business (Ministry of Employment and Labor)

2002.04 QS 9000-certified

2002.01 Development of landing light, actuator, and ABS ECU

2001.08 Development of 2 models of electric linear actuators for Chunma Armored Car

2000.07 Development of ALT, REG, and BILGE pump for K-200 series armored cars

2000.05 Developing starting motor for K-200 series armored cars

2000.01 Participation in the development of ABS ECU led by the government
(Agency for Defense Development, Korea Electrotechnology Research Institute)

1999.10 Won the One Million Dollar Export Tower Award

1999.05 In-house R&D center certified by the Korea Industrial Technology Association

1999.01 Development of 230A ALT and REG for Chunma Armored Car mounted with surface-to-air guided missile

1997.02 ISO 9001-certified