SCADA Multifunction Remote Device Terminal Unit (RTU)

– RTU is installed at on-site of substation and power plant , Automation system for on-site facilities designed to acquire and analyze facility operation information from power facilities, transmit information to the Host, receive messages from hosts, and control and manage facilities.

– RTU consist of MPD (Main processing device), which the center of the system, and FPD (Field Processing Device) and IAPD(Intelligent Analog Processing Device) which are in charge of a acquiring on-site information.


System Features

– 32Bit High CPU (General / Commercial / Industrial control Keyboard).

– RTOS (Real Time O.S), vxWordks & RTXC is adopted to secure ease of function change and fix.

– MPD and FPD & IAPD , Optical network accommodation for communication (High-speed communication).

– Use the Commercial Standard 19”VME Card Cage.

– Local output of customized data.

– Scalability through unit node expansion.

– Large- range system suitable for large-capacity power systems (capacity).

System Diagram

– MPD : Host and field data relaying roles as key devices for remote device.

– FPD : A device that performs the state monitoring and control fuctions of power facilities.

– IAPD : Generating Multiple power information (voltage, current, active/invalid power, frequency, power factor, etc).


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“SCADA Multifunction Remote Device Terminal Unit (RTU)”