Wire and Wireless remote monitoring control

RTU collects data and supplies data, and intelligent processing that can operate in systems such as various management controls and data acquisition.


System Diagram

– LADDER LOGIC Applied Language use, C-language use as a routine for the part.

– MDLC uses 7-LAYER’s standard protocol to fully communicate with radio, wires, and other media.

– Store-&-forward function: If the center and RTU are interfered with due to obstacles, it can be broadcast through RTU at other sites.

– You can upload and download programs remotely, so you can quickly modify and change programs.

– Strong communication methods, Burst and scan methods, can be used at the same time.

Product Features

– NEMA4 enclosure: The enclosure of the NEMA4 standard is produced integrally, so it is easy to protect dust and water, and is appearance or neat.

– ACE 3-SLOT: A system that takes into account small or medium points an d economic feasibility.

– Mixed I/O module : One module has DI-16 points, DO-4 points, and AI-4 points, so it is economical to use only one module for small points.

– CPU port : Basically, the CPU has three ports built into one LAN Port, one RS232/4851, and one RS2321, a nd two or more LAN, RS232 or wireless (VHF) ports can be installed as an option, enabling efficient communication network to be resolved with one CPU without additional communication cards.


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“Wire and Wireless remote monitoring control”